Leaving the Farm for the First Show! A Delafiesta at The Beehive in Washington D.C.

We left Sullivan's Pond Farm mid-day June 17th with our bags mostly packed and the river at our backs. So many wonderful things have been happening there! We have garnered an abundance of inspiration while helping build and support my family's artisan goat dairy, all the while being supported to pursue our passions, in return.  It is with full and joyous hearts that we venture forth on our nationwide musical sabbatical.  Here we go!

                         •     •     •     •     •

We inched along through DC traffic for an eternity. We were weary and my back hurt from being squished in our time/space transportation capsule disguised as a VW bus. The Blue Dragon is loyal but unwieldy.  I tend to imagine it has a spirit for adventure far greater than it's internal passengers.  We are simply it's multiple personalities.

Our eventual arrival to The Beehive was met by Marian McLaughlin; an exceptional musician, chef, and host.  The invitation was offered to relax and eat an assortment of delicious oatmeal banana cookies and vegetable spring rolls.  We accepted and I found myself quickly back on the ground, literally and figuratively.  It was nice to finally stretch.

Extra hands made cleaning up for the show expedient, and pretty soon people began to trickle in. We discussed, upon Marian's suggestion, various films that could be projected during the show.  Miyazaki? Nirvana Unplugged?  Oh, of course! The Marks Brothers.

I was the first to perform around 9 PM.  To what seemed like the audience's chagrin, I offered some insight on my desire to start doing uncomfortable stand-up comedy routines.  Their silent, confused reception was somewhat expected.  Hopefully this tour will give me a chance to escalate the reaction from uneasiness to horror...or laughter.  I'd be satisfied, either way.  Michael came up to play with me half-way through, and the audience of friends was very attentive.  I fell into a trance.

Marian played second, and began her set with some solo tunes.  Her sound is a mixture of silky warbling and complex guitar picking.  She is not afraid to take listeners on an adventure.  Soon she was accompanied by her friend Ethan on stand-up bass.  What a delight!  Together they wove intricate sonic tapestries, peppered with sudden stops and key changes.  Their duets made me want to quest for mystical trinkets.

Michael and Son finished the night off by taking turns performing a sampling of songs they've both written and songs they have gleaned from a variety of sources.  Their playful musical combat was enjoyable to watch - rhythmic chopping and synchronized strumming echoed through the house.  I couldn't help but add some oohs, aahs, and assorted knee slaps as they electrified me with good vibrations.

Since monday night's glorious introduction, we have made our way to West Chester, PA after being pampered by Michael's mother on our way out of D.C.  Today is the 19th, and we will be playing a show at the house of a new friend who found us on-line. Everyone here is so generous, and we are loving all the new faces!

I feel so thankful to be adventuring again.  If our first show is any indication of the rest of our journey, this is going to be a very enlightening tour.  I wish you all the best in daily fulfillment of what drives you, and send you love from the top of my soul!

P.S. - I probably won't be so in depth with every post to come, but I'll be sure to give all the juicy details I can when I'm not swept up in the experience.


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